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Welcome to my blog

Reading makes a full man, conversation a ready man, and writing an exact man.

– Francis Bacon, “Of Studies”

Book Reviews

Books are meant to be conversed with. Here, I attempt to organize, summarize, and dialogue with books I’ve read.

Check out whether I enjoyed the books here

Everyone has something to say. That includes me. Here, I attempt to put my convictions and opinions to writing.

Current events and my current thoughts

Every now and then, I am called to speak or teach. To improve myself, I’d love to have something I can look back to.

Crying out – or at least sharing – what I believe

What’s New?

The Certainty of Faith

Are you sure of what you believe? That is the question that Bavinck raises in “The Certainty of Faith”. But perhaps that question needs a bit more expounding. More accurately, the question should be: are you sure of what you believe about God, the meaning of life, the state of your soul, Jesus Christ, andContinue reading “The Certainty of Faith”

About Us

I’m a Christian who wants to grow in maturity through reading and writing. First, the Word. Second, through older and more mature Christians through the ages. Third, through every truth I encounter.

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