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Welcome to my blog

Reading makes a full man, conversation a ready man, and writing an exact man.

– Francis Bacon, “Of Studies”

Book Reviews

Books are meant to be conversed with. Here, I attempt to organize, summarize, and dialogue with books I’ve read.

Check out whether I enjoyed the books here

Everyone has something to say. That includes me. Here, I attempt to put my convictions and opinions to writing.

Current events and my current thoughts

Every now and then, I am called to speak or teach. To improve myself, I’d love to have something I can look back to.

Crying out – or at least sharing – what I believe

What’s New?

About Us

I’m a Christian who wants to grow in maturity through reading and writing. First, the Word. Second, through older and more mature Christians through the ages. Third, through every truth I encounter.

More About Us

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